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Vaughan Broad Hatchet, 28 oz., 4 1/2" cut, flat driving face, 14" wood handle.

Price: $33.99USD
Product ID : SB2
Manufacturer: Vaughan
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Product ID : 10065
Dayton Single Bit Axe, 3 1/2 lb. head, 4 1/2" Red Blade, Polished Edge, 36" Curved Hickory Handle.
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8 lb. Nupla Ergo Power Splitting Maul, 32" Poly-Clad Fiberglass handle, straight grip.
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Vaughan Solid Steel Camp Axe, 1 1/4 lb Full polished head and handle (13"), Rubber grip.
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Vaughan 30 oz Rig Builders Hatchet, 3 1/2" blade, milled face, 17" Fiberglass handle.
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17oz. Roofing hatchet, Milled face, beveled nail slot 2 1/2" cut, wood handle.
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