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Axes and Hatchets

Axes (or Ax) and hatchets are divided into:

Axes (or Ax) with handles over 18"

Hatchets with handles up to 18"

There are some pretty cool 
axes and hatchets here. Take a look! Product IDs starting with "P" are from Picard in Germany- great quality albeit pricey. The rest are American made from Barco, Warwood and Vaughan-all very good.

We notice that alot of folks look at these axes but not many of you are buying. Send feedback to The Hammerman! Need something you don't see, let me know.

Meanwhile, I have marked down the prices and added a FREE Hammer Source T-shirt to any Axe or Hatchet order!

If you buy something and don't like it, you can always send it back for full credit (except shipping-not everything is a gift!).

Product ID : 08312
Fire Axe, Red 6 lb. head with Pick end, 36" Curved Hickory Handle.
Product ID : AS1-1/4
Solid Steel Camp Axe, 1 1/4 lb Full polished head and handle (13"), Rubber grip.
Product ID : FH
Flooring Hatchet. Extra large smooth face, 3 1/2" blade, 14" wood handle
Product ID : P72524-800
Ochsenkopf Carpenters Axe with claw, 32" wood handle
Product ID : P72542-800
DANKRE German Standard Axe 3 1/2lb, 31 1/2" wood hadle
Product ID : RB
28oz. Rigbuilders Hatchet, milled face, 3 1/3" blade, 17" wood handle.