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Ball, Cross and Straight Pein Hammers

Buy Ball Pein Hammers, Cross Pein Hammers and Straight Pein Hammers at The Hammer Source!
From 2 oz. to 22 lbs. Take a look!

Whats the difference?

Ball Pein Hammers have a domed face on one side and a cylindrical face on the other. Looks like this:

Cross Pein Hammers have have a blade perpendicular to the handle like this:
  or    or   or  

Straight Pein hammers have a pein parallel to the handle like this:
Pein hammers are used by blacksmiths and metal smiths for shaping or peining metals. Some straight pein hammers are used for stone cutting or spalling.

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8 oz BioCurve Ball Pein Hammer
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