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Blacksmithing Basics for the Homestead byJoe DeLaRonde -
Product ID : BK0001
The Complete Metalsmith, Professional edition By Tim McCreight -
Product ID : BK0004
Creative Stonesetting By John Cogswell -
Product ID : BK0005
Custom Knifemaking By Tim McCreight -
Product ID : BK0006
Foldforming By Charles Lewton-Brain -
Product ID : BK0007
Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa, Mattieu Cheminee -
Product ID : BK0010
Part Technical guide, part anthropological study, "Legacy" offers a glimpse...
Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains By Jean Stark -
Product ID : BK0011
Jewelry Illustration by Dominique Audette -
Product ID : BK0014
Practical Joining by Tim McCreight -
Product ID : BK0015