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Cutting Chisels

Buy Blacksmithing Hot and Cold Cutting Chisels HERE, at The Hammer Source!

Hot Chisels-The hot chisel is designed for cutting hot steel. Never use hot chisels for cutting cold metal, stone or concrete. Never use a dull chisel or one with a mushroomed head.

Cold Chisels-The cold chisel is a tool with a cutting edge at one end for cutting, shaping and removing metal softer than the cutting edge itself, and a struck face on the opposite end. Never use cold chisels for cutting or splitting stone or concrete. Neveruse a dull chisel or one with a mushroomed head.


Product ID : 45521
Warwood 45521 3 lb. Hot Cutting Chisel, 2" bit, 16" wood handle.
Unit Price: $119.00USD
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