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Dead Blow Hammers

Dead Blow hammers all have a chamber inside the head that contains loose material. It could be sand, steel or a non-sparking material. The purpose of the loose material is to absorb the rebound of a strike; the shot shifts forward a fraction of a second after the impact to absorb the recoil. 

 The Hammer Source has a variety of dead blows including polyurethane coated, composite head and cast aluminum. Sizes range from 8oz to 12lb.

Dead Blow Alternatives - Some situations prevent the use of a dead blow due to the chance of shot entering the work area. We suggest you check out a couple of alternatives; Split or Solid Head hammers and the Solid Urethane hammer with steel core. Call us toll free 877-496-2537 to talk about other suggestions.

Thor Dead Blow Hammer- replaceable tips available.

Nupla Dead Blow Hammer- replaceable tips available.

Halder Dead Blow Hammer-replaceable tips available.

Garland Dead Blow Hammer

Trusty Cook Dead Blow Hammer

1.5" diameter Medium Red Tip for DB150, NT 150 hammers. One tip. -
Product ID : 150MF
Thor 2lb Cast Aluminum Dead Blow hammer, with 1 3/4" nylon faces. -
Product ID : 20-1414
Thor 3lb Cast Aluminum Dead-blow hammer, with 2" nylon faces -
Product ID : 20-1616
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