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Plastic Mallets with Domed Face

Domed face plastic mallets are frequently used to shape softer metal. Often they are used in conjunction with shot bags to achieve a bowl shape. Shapes that we have here at The Hammer Source include the classic pear shape, also known as a bossing mallet, as well as a softer egg shape and ball pein. Shot bags are included in this category for your convenience.

Now on special: Get a free 8" shot bag with any purchase of a Pear Mallet Set!

Product ID : 23-8206
4" Carving Maul, White Super Plastic, 1.2 lb. overall weight, 5" wood handle.
Product ID : P39001-050
Domed Faced 250gm (9oz) white plastic mallet, 50mm (2") domed faces.
Product ID : P39001-060
Domed Faced 420gm (15oz) white plastic mallet, 60mm (2 1/3") domed faces.
Product ID : P39001-070
Domed Faced 600gm (21oz) white plastic mallet, 70mm (2 3/4") domed faces.
Product ID : P39001-080
Domed Faced 800gm (28oz) white plastic mallet, 80mm (3 1/8") domed faces