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Fiberglass Replacement Handles

We have a wide variety of replacement handles for all types of hammers. If you don't see what you need, e-mail or give us a call toll free 877-496-2537

Handles include one glue kit unless noted.

When choosing a fiberglass replacement handle, be sure to allow a small amount of space between the handle and hammer head on all sides. The handle should not be touching the head when inserted into the eye. Measure your eye size carefully.

You can see the profile sizes of various replacement handles as well as replacement instructions on this page:  Fiberglass Handle Specs and Replacement

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Product ID : IP43-11
11" Fiberglass handle, Rubber Grip, .433" by .297".
Product ID : IP51-12
12" Fiberglass handle, Rubber Grip, .520" by .359"
Product ID : IP75-16SG
16" Fiberglass Handle, Super Grip, .735" by .453
Product ID : IP100-32
32" Fiberglass handle, Rubber Grip, .966" by .742".
Product ID : IP118-32
32" Fiberglass Handle, Rubber Grip, 1.124" by .772"
Product ID : IP122-36
36" Fiberglass Handle, Rubber Grip, 1.176" by .947"
Product ID : IP118-36
IP 11836 36" Super Grip Fiberglass Handle 6-20lb
Product ID : IP140-36
36" Fiberglass handle, Rubber Grip , 1.363" by .985"