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Framing Hammer Titanium


The Hammer Source stocks 100's of framing and finishing hammers (aka claw hammer, rip hammer, nail hammer). To help you find what you need, we have broken down the hammers into four categories- wood handlesfiberglass handles, steel handles and Titanium hammers.

We have a large selection of VaughanDalluge and Barco Rocket Hammers.

Framing hammers have serrated or milled faces and finish hammers have polished or smooth faces.

If you do deconstruction or tear downs or you are busting concrete forms, buy a steel handled hammer. Don't come whining to me me if you break your wood handle because you were busting concrete forms!!! Use a crow bar or nail puller. We do have replacement handles though.

You can search hammers by manufacturer. If you can't find what you need or have questions, call toll free 877-496-2537. 

The Hammer Source has wood and fiberglass replacement handles. Click here to go to replacement handles.



Product ID : 7175
Dalluge 7175 14 oz. Titanium Hammer.
Unit Price: $99.99USD
Dalluge 7175 14 oz. Titanium Framing Hammer, serrated face, magnetic nail...
Product ID : 7180
Dalluge 7180 (DDT16) 16 oz. Titanium hammer, milled face, side nail puller, magnetic nail set, 16" straight wood handle
Unit Price: $99.99USD
Dalluge 7175 16 oz. Titanium framing hammer. This is a Titanium head hammer...
Product ID : 7182
Dalluge 7182 (DDT16P) 16 oz. Titanium Hammer, smooth face, side nail puller, magnetic nail holder, 16" straight wood handle.
Unit Price: $99.99USD
Dalluge 7180 Titanium Framing Hammer- This is a Titanium head hammer made by...
Product ID : RCP-1
Smooth Face Steel Replacement Cap for Vaughan Ti-Tech Titanium hammers
Unit Price: $18.99USD
These Hammers and tips are being discontinued. Limited supply.