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We now have Douglas pattern hammers- VW18 and VW20!

We now have Douglas pattern hammers- VW18 and VW20!
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Manufacturer: Vaughan
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We do not know what happened to Douglas Hammers, but we can not get hammers and we do not expect to anytime soon (as of 10-26-14). Try the Vaughan VW18, VW20, VW23 and Dalluge Titanium and Vaughan "V" series or Hart Hammers.

12-14-15 BUT NOW LOOK WHAT WE HAVE!!Vaughan WV18 and VW20- 18 and 20 oz. Douglas Pattern hammers made by Vaughan. Look Familiar? Uses Dalluge 3800 replacement handle.

Check out these Dalluge and Vaughan hammers made on the Douglas pattern:

The "V" series from Vaughan: Solid steel, available with straight or curved claw in a variety of weights. Vaughan V Series 7180 and 7182 titanium hammers from

Dalluge: Solid Titanium head with wood handle. Available in smooth or milled faces:7180 7182

Also check out the new Vaughan Stealth Hammers, solid steel, available with smooth or milled faces:RS17ML RS17 Email anytime or call us toll free 877-496-2537 if you have any questions.

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