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General Metalworking Hammers

Buy Metalworking Hammers here at The Hammer Source!

The Hammer Source has a huge selection of metalworking hammers.

Repousse hammers.
Planishing hammers.
Polishing hammers.
Stretching hammers.
Embossing hammers.
Grooving hammers.
Bording hammers.
Riveting hammers.

Hammer ON!!
Product ID : 15024
10 oz Hard Yellow Plastic Ball Pein hammer, 2" face diameter on the flat face, 1 1/2" ball diameter. Hickory handle.
Unit Price: $25.99USD $22.99USD
Product ID : BLUR1
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Polished parabolic peens designed for raising and shaping.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : BLUR2
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Round and Square faces, wood handle.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : BLUR3
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Elliptical Peins, wood handle.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : EC12
Nupla 12 oz. Engineer's Cross Pein, Fiberglass Handle
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : ES12
Nupla 12oz Engineers Straight Pein hammer, fiberglass handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : MH-28
28 oz. Machinists Cross Pein, Fiberglass Handle.
Unit Price: $34.99USD $29.99USD
Product ID : P1002-0600
Picard Engineers Cross Pein Hammer, 600 gm (1.32 lbs.), wood handle.
Unit Price: $28.99USD
Product ID : P16321
Picard 300gm (11oz ) Angled Crease hammer, 24mm square domed face, 24mm x 4mm curved pein
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : P16501-0200
Picard 200gm Planishing Hammer, click for details.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : P16501-0300
Picard 300gm Planishing Hammer, 25mm round flat and 22mm square faces
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : P16501-0375
Picard 375gm Planishing Hammer, 28mm round flat and 28mm square faces.
Unit Price: $36.99USD
Product ID : P16501-0500
Picard 500gm Planishing hammer, 30mm round flat and 30mm square faces.
Unit Price: $36.99USD
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