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Iron Solid and Split-Head Hammers

We have two basic types of Iron hammers with soft faces:

1. Solid iron head with inserted soft faces   
2. Split-Head
hammers with easily replaceable soft faces

Solid Iron Head Hammers with Soft Faces

CR150 is the hammer commonly used for knock-off wheels.

The added weight of the iron head gives greater force, the soft faces help to prevent damage to what you are hitting. Consider our Split Head hammers if you need a quick change hammer.

Split-Head Hammers have three styles:

Thor (UK) (Allen Bolt style, click to link)
Malleable Iron heads feature quick change faces and handles using an allen wrench. Uniform clamping pressure assures face and handle retention.  Hammers include rawide faces.
Replacement faces are sold individually, not as pairs. Copper and plastic faces are also available, listed separately.

Halder (Germany) (Allen Bolt style, coming soon)
Cast iron heads with quick change heads and handles. A wide variety of synthetic head materials/hardnesses available. Replacement faces are sold individually, not as pairs.

Garland (USA) (Locking Nut style, click to link)
Iron heads securely lock replaceable faces in place with tightening nut at the base of the head.  Hickory handle is secured with wedge and pin to the head.  Hammers are available with rawhide face or buy a hammer and choose a variety of faces sold separately.

Hardness comparisons of synthetic faces can be found on the Hardness Comparison page.

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