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The Hammer Source has a wide variety of mallets including rawhide, wood, plastic, elastomer and rubber mallets. The mallets are arranged by category and range in size from 1" to 8" diameter.

Mallets are used to strike work that you do not want to damage but still needs to be moved into place.

Who uses mallets? Woodworkers, metalsmiths, assembly operations, food processors, artisans and carpenters. Even musicians use mallets to strike chimes, bells and percussion instruments. 

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Thor 2 1/4lb Rawhide Mallet, 3" face diameter. Made in the UK -
Product ID : 02-125
Thor 2 3/4 lb Rawhide Mallet, 3 1/2" face diameter. Made in the UK -
Product ID : 02-128
Thor 03-212BH (#2) 2.36 lb. 1 1/2" Copper/Rawhide face hammer. -
Product ID : 03-212BH
For antique car collectors.