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4 lb. Mason Straight Pein, 16" wood handle.

4 lb. Mason Straight Pein, 16" wood handle.
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Price: $59.99USD
Product ID : 12821
Manufacturer: Warwood
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Stone Sledges and Spalling Hammers

DESCRIPTION: These are stone masons’ tools. The sledge usually has a crowned, oval striking face with a napping face opposite. The spalling hammer has a beveled striking face. 

PROPER USES: Stone sledges are designed for breaking up stone and concrete. The spalling hammers are designed for cutting and shaping stone and concrete. The pein ends of stone sledges and spalling hammers are intended specifically for making score lines in stone and masonry. 

ABUSE/MISUSE: NEVER use these tools for striking metal. NEVER use pein ends of stone sledges or spalling hammers for breaking up stone or masonry. They are for marking and scoring purposes only.

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