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Picard 250gm (9oz) Embossing, 20mm and 23mm crowned faces. Wood handle

Price: $34.99USD
Product ID : P17401-0250
Manufacturer: Picard hammers
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Product ID : P16701-0375
Picard 375 gm Planishing Hammer, 26mm round faces, flat and raised, wood handle
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Picard 375gm (13oz) Stretching, single FLAT, Round face 30mm, Wood handle
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Picard Long Pattern Bumping Hammer, 620gm (22oz), 31mm Round face and 32x4mm cross pein, wood handle.
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Picard 375gm (13oz) Chasing hammer, 22mmx20mm and 25mmx23mm bowed faces.
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Product ID : P18701-0375
Picard 375 gm (13oz) Silversmith's Chasing Hammer, rounded faces, wood handle. Click for details
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Picard 500gm (18oz) Grooving hammer, click for details
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Picard Bumping and Planishing hammer, 300 gm (10.6 oz.) single end, rectangular, raised face 47mm x 29mm.
Unit Price: $59.99USD $39.99USD
Product ID : P2524812
Picard Planishing Hammer, 500gm(18oz), 46mm round checked face, 40mm smooth Square face. wood handle.
Unit Price: $65.99USD $39.99USD