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SPS/SPi Series Hammers

Find Nupla SPS and SPI series hammers at The Hammer Source.

What's the difference?

SPS hammers are cased in a super tough polymer jacket and molded to a fiberglass handle while inside the SPI hammer is a composite encased, shot-loaded deadblow hammer. Both are molded onto a Nupla fiberglass handle. Each hammer comes in the 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", and 3" diameters with various head weights and handle lengths. Faces are either cylindrical, wedge or dome shaped. Most face sizes come in 8 durometric hardnesses from Super Soft to Extra Hard. These hammers come with out faces so you can select the ones you need for your task.

For big jobs, the S402 and S404 Dead Blow Sledge hammers are machined aluminum, dead blow heads with 4" faces. These hammers have 36" handles and weigh 11 and 13 lbs. respectively without the faces. They are not cheap, but they are tough, durable hammers.

Nupla SPS Hammer and SPI Hammers look like this (1" to 3"):

Nupla S402 and S404 Hammers look like this (4"):

Click here for Nupla Replaceable faces for Nupla SPI and SPS hammers.

Nupla SPS/SPi Tip Hardness Ratings:

Grey Super Soft Tip- Shore A 45-58 (instantaneous) 
Brown Soft Tip- Shore A 45-58
Red Medium Tip- Shore A 59-72
Green Tough Tip- Shore A 73-85
Black Hard Tip- Shore D 49-65
Yellow Extra Hard Tip- Shore D 66-95

20SS  20S 20M 20T 20XH

‘Quick-Change’ Tips
Tip Diameter Screw Size Tip Weight
1″ 1/4 – 20 1.5 oz
1.5″ 5/16 – 18 4 oz
2″ 3/8 – 16 8 oz
2.5″ 1/2 – 13 1.0#
3″ 1/2 – 13 1.5#

Hardness ratings can be found on the Hardness Comparison page.

Click here for Nupla Replaceable faces for Nupla SPI and SPS hammers.

Product ID : S-402SG
Nupla S-402SG 11 lb 4" Aluminum Dead Blow Sledge
Unit Price: $329.00USD
Product ID : S-404SG
Nupla S-404SG 4" 13 lb Aluminum Dead Blow Sledge Hammer
Unit Price: $329.00USD
Product ID : SPi-106
Nupla 1" Diameter 12 oz. Impax Dead-blow Hammer with fiberglass handle.
Unit Price: $15.99USD
Product ID : SPi-156
Nupla 1 1/2" diameter, 1 lb. Impax dead blow hammer, no tips
Unit Price: $19.99USD
Product ID : SPi-256-18SG
Nupla 2.5" 4 lb. Impax Dead Blow Hammer, 18" Fiberglass handle, notched rubber grip, no tips.
Unit Price: $49.99USD
Product ID : SPi-256SG
Nupla 2.5" diameter Impax dead blow hammer, no tips. 4lb, 14" fiberglass handle with notched rubber grip, NO TIPS.
Unit Price: $39.99USD $36.99USD
Product ID : SPS-105
Nupla Replaceable Tip hammer, 1" face diameter, 11" fiberglass handle. 9 oz. NO FACES.
Unit Price: $13.99USD
Product ID : SPS-200
Nupla Replaceable Tip hammer, 2" face diameter, 1 1/2lb. Fiberglass handle, NO FACES.
Unit Price: $20.99USD
Product ID : SPS-205
Nupla Replaceable Tip hammer, 2" face diameter, 2lb. Fiberglass handle, NO FACES.
Unit Price: $21.99USD
Product ID : SPS-250C
Nupla 2.5lb Replaceable Tip Hammer, 2 1/2" face diameter, 15" Fiberglass handle. NO FACES.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
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