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Rawhide Mallets

The Hammer Source has several different Rawhide Mallets:

1. Solid rawhide mallets with hickory handles.
2. Split-head mallets with replaceable rawhide, copper, and plastic faces.
3. Solid head mallets with copper faces, copper and rawhide faces and with rawhide faces.

Our solid rawhide mallets are long-wearing  rawhide. These hammers and mallets have hickory handles. The Garland Mallets are made in the USA and the Thor Mallets are made in the UK.

This hammer is also available as a weighted rawhide mallet with metal in the center of the head to give a heavier strike without damaging your work. 

Click here for Rawhide, Copper and Plasitc faces for solid and split head iron hammers.

Thor 2 1/4lb Rawhide Mallet, 3" face diameter. Made in the UK -
Product ID : 02-125
Thor 2 3/4 lb Rawhide Mallet, 3 1/2" face diameter. Made in the UK -
Product ID : 02-128
Thor 03-212BH (#2) 2.36 lb. 1 1/2" Copper/Rawhide face hammer. -
Product ID : 03-212BH
For antique car collectors.
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