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Rectangle Eye

Handles that fit rectangular or "adze" eye hammers are on this page.


Handle orders must be placed on line. 
I do not take handle orders over the phone. 
If you have a handle question, SEND me an e-mail.

Welcome to The Hammer Source - Replacement Handle Source!

Find your wood replacement handle:

1. Determine your tool's eye shape:

a. Round

b. Rectangle

c. Oval

d. Teardrop or egg shape

e. Marquis or other shape (such as reverse wedge, Douglas crossover)

2. Measure your tool's eye size:

a. Measure the Major (long part) and the Minor (wide part) of the opening where the handle inserts.

b. Choose a handle with an eye size as close to the opening as possible. A tight fit is essential! (If you find your handle is too big, you can carefully remove wood evenly from all surfaces.)

3. Select the handle length.

Round eye wood handles click here.
Oval eye wood handles click here.
Tear drop (pear-shaped) wood handles click here.

Click here for Fiberglass Handles.

All wood handles come with steel wedges and wood wedges (if handle is kerfed). The wedge kit is included with the price of the handle. 

Product ID : 601-62
13.5" straight octagon handle, rectangle (adze) eye 1" by .5"
Unit Price: $9.99USD
Product ID : 602-02
Vaughan 60202 Replacement Handle 16" rectangle (adze) eye 1 1/32 x 17/32
Unit Price: $9.99USD
Product ID : 610-72
Vaughan 61072 12" straight handle, rectangle (adze) eye 3/4" by 3/8"
Unit Price: $9.99USD
Product ID : 611-62
Vaughan 6162 13.5" straight handle rectangle (adze) eye 1" by .5"
Unit Price: $9.99USD
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