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Soft Face (Replaceable Tip) Hammers

The Hammer Source has Soft Face hammers with replaceable faces, made of synthetic materials, plastics or rubber. Some hammers have replaceable rawhide, copper or aluminum faces. 

We carry a variety of "series" of these hammers. Same size faces in a series can be exchanged for a firmer or softer blow. It's important to note that some hammers are sold loaded with faces, but some hammers are sold with no tips which must be purchased separately.

Common series of hammers include:

DB and NT Series
Solid-Head Iron and Split-Head Iron hammers
SPS and SPI Series
SF style and RM style hammers

If you are purchasing replacement faces only and the shipment is less than 13 oz., we may be able to ship them US Mail First class to reduce your shipping cost. Contact us if you have any questions.

Click on these links for Halder, Thor, Garland, Nupla and Vauhan hammers.

Product ID : 100SF
1" Diameter Soft Gray replacement tip for NT100 hammer. One tip.
Product ID : 100TF
1" Diameter Tough Brown replacement tip for NT100 hammer. One tip.
Product ID : 100XF
1" Diameter Extra Hard Yellow replacement tip for NT100 hammer. One tip.