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Specialty Blacksmith Hammers

Blacksmith Hammers

Product ID : P18901-900
Picard 900 gm Large face Boiler-maker's hammer, 100 x 30mm.
Product ID : P2201-60
Picard 60mm Square Flatter hammer, 3 1/3lb. Hickory handle
Product is out of stock
Product ID : P2201-70
Picard 70mm Square Flatter hammer, 4 1/2lb. Hickory handle.
Product is out of stock
Product ID : P32400-1250
Picard Mining sledge 1250 gm (2.75 lbs.), square faces with 16" fiberglass handle.
Product ID : P9801
Picard 500 gm Scythe Hammer (Dengelhammer)
Product is out of stock