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Thor Split Head Hammers

Thor Hammer Company (UK) manufactures soft hammers and mallets - With 50+ years of specialization, THOR provides a non-damaging striking solution for any problem where a hand operated tool is required.

Thor Hammers reputation for quality is legendary and is backed up by being approved to ISO9002 since 1992.

Users of Thor Hammers include NATO, Governments, leading Motor, Aeronautical, Industrial, Engineering, Mining, Shipping and Railway companies.

Check the full range of THOR hammers- Rawhide Split-head (34- and SH series), copper and brass mallets, replaceable tip dead blow (20- and DB series), Thorex chrome plated replaceable face hammers (12- and NT series) and rawhide, plastic, rubber and laminated wood mallets.

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Product ID : 04-308
Thor Iron hammer with 1" copper faces, 1 lb. 9" wood handle.
Unit Price: $19.99USD