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Blacksmith Hammers - Blacksmith Tongs.

Picard hammers and tongs are on their way! HERE!! (11-25-14) (I know, hard to believe.) 
We are working to fill and ship backorders starting 11-25-14.
We will have limited quantities but hope to restock again by January/February.

The Hammer Source has Blacksmith Tongs from Picard Hammers in Germany. Tong jaw shapes are Flat-nose, Round-nose, Wolf jaw, Riveting, Pick-up and Mandrel. Sizes range from 500gm (1.1 lb.) to 1700gm (3.7 lb.). Lengths are from 300mm (12") to about 500mm (19"). Click on images for details.

Product ID : P4700-300
300mm/12" Flat-nosed Blacksmith Tong, 500gm/1.1 lb., for material 1-4mm
Product is out of stock
Product ID : P4800-400
400mm/16" Round nosed Blacksmith Tong, 700gm/1.5 lb., for material 16mm
Product ID : P4800-500
500mm/20" Round nosed Blacksmith Tong, 1200gm/2.6 lb., for material 16mm
Product ID : P4800-600
600mm/24" Round nosed Blacksmith Tong, 1650gm/3.6 lb., for material 16mm
Product ID : P4900-400
400mm/ 16" Wolf's jaw Blacksmith Tong, 850gm/1.9 lb., for material 3-12mm
Product ID : P4900-500
500mm/20" Wolf's jaw Blacksmith Tong, 1200gm/2.6 lb., for material 6-20mm
Product ID : P4910-400
400mm/16" Riveting Blacksmith Tong, 500gm/1.1 lb. for rivets 3/8"
Product ID : P4910-500
500mm/ 20" Riveting Blacksmith Tong, 850gm/1.9 lb., for rivets 1/2"
Product ID : P4910-600
600mm/24" Riveting Blacksmith Tong, 1300gm/2.9 lb., for rivets 3/4"
Product ID : P4920-400
400mm/ 16" Pick-up Blacksmith Tong, 750gm/1.6 lb., for 20mm stock