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Axes and Hatchets

Axes (or Ax) and hatchets are divided into:

Axes (or Ax) with handles over 18"

Hatchets with handles up to 18"



There are some pretty cool axes and hatchets here. Take a look! Product IDs starting with "P" are from Picard in Germany- great quality albeit pricey. The rest are American made from Barco, Warwood and Vaughan-all very good.

We notice that alot of folks look at these axes but not many of you are buying. Send feedback to The Hammerman! Need something you don't see, let me know.

If you buy something and don't like it, you can always send it back for full credit (except shipping-not everything is a gift!).

Product ID : 10002
Rocket Belt Axe, 3 1/8" Black Blade, 1 1/4 lb.
Unit Price: $59.99USD $34.99USD
Product ID : 10112
Fire Axe, 2 1/4 lb. Red head, 19" Curved Wood Handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : AS1-1/4
Vaughan Solid Steel Camp Axe, 1 1/4 lb Full polished head and handle (13"), Rubber grip.
Unit Price: $34.99USD
Product ID : BX2
Underhill Box Hatchet, 16 oz. 2 1/2" thin blade, beveled nail slot, milled, crowned face, 13" wood handle.
Unit Price: $37.99USD
This item being discontinued by Vaughan- 1 item in stock as of 7-5-18.
Product ID : P79700
Picard Lattbeil (Tilers Hatchet) with stacked leather handle
Unit Price: $89.99USD
Product ID : RB
Vaughan RB 28oz. Rigbuilders Hatchet, milled face, 3 1/3" blade, 17" wood handle.
Unit Price: $39.99USD
Product ID : RH
17oz. Roofing hatchet, Milled face, beveled nail slot 2 1/2" cut, wood handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
This item being discontinued by Vaughan- 1 in stock as of 1-7-19.
Product ID : RSH
Vaughan RSH 16 oz. Shingling Hatchet, milled crowned face, nail slot and back blade.
Unit Price: $49.99USD
This item being discontinued by Vaughan- 3 in stock as of 7-5-18.
Product ID : SH2
Vaughan 22oz. Carpenter's Half Hatchet, 3 1/2" cut, 13" wood handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : SM-8-ECS
8 lb. Nupla Ergo Power Splitting Maul, 32" Poly-Clad Fiberglass handle, straight grip.
Unit Price: $59.99USD $49.99USD
Item being discontinued. 1 in stock.
Product ID : WB
Vaughan WB 12oz. Drywall Tool, 1 3/4" thin blade, milled, crowned face.
Unit Price: $38.99USD
Product ID : ZSB3.5
Vaughan ZSB3.5 Sub-Zero 3 1/3 lb. Single Bit Michigan Pattern Axe, hollow ground blades
Unit Price: $45.99USD