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Big Blu 3.9 lb. Rounding Hammer (overall weight), 2 1/4" rounded face, 2" flat face, 16" wood handle.

Price: $189.00USD
Product ID : BLUX2
Manufacturer: BIG BLU hammers
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Big Blu BLUX2

No. X-2 BLU Rounding Hammer

Perfectly balanced with one round crowned face and one flat squared face beveled. Designed to withstand the daily use by the professional blacksmith and farrier.

The round convex face of this hammer is used for omnidirectional drawing, shaping and sculpting. The square semi-rocker face of this hammer is used for directional drawing, working corners and edges. Made from top quality forged and heat treated tool steel. Finished and fitted with high quality wood handle. Used by Artist Blacksmiths, Bladesmiths, Armourers, Autobody men and Sculptors.

These hammers are all hand dressed and finished by experts. Forged hammers will vary somewhat as they are hand forged and hand dressed.

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