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Swedish Pattern, Frech Pattern, machininsts hammers, blacksmith tongs and more!

Picard hammers are HERE!!  If you order an item that is out of stock we will contact you. Thanks- Hammerman.

The Hammer Source has loads of Blacksmithing Hammers. Browse the pages or select from our sub-catagories. 

Some of the hammers you see at The Hammer Source are from Picard Hammers in Germany. These hammers are the best you can buy. Made from top-quality steel and components, Picard hammers have been manufactured since 1857. The company is still owned by the Picard family after four generations. Any of our item numbers that begin with a “P” are Picard hammers. 

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Machinist Pattern (DIN 1041)
French/Swedish Pattern Hammers
Special tools such as Flatters and Sythe hammers
Farriers Hammers

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Product ID : 13251
6 lb Cross Pein Sledge, 32" Wood handle
Unit Price: $47.99USD
Product ID : 13255
6 lb Cross Pein Sledge, 32" Fiberglass handle.
Unit Price: $52.99USD
Product ID : 13261
8 lb. Cross Pein Sledge, 32" wood handle.
Unit Price: $69.99USD
Product ID : 13271
12 lb. Cross Pein Sledge, 32" wood handle.
Unit Price: $86.99USD $79.99USD