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Copper Hammers with Steel Handle

Buy Copper Hammers with Steel handles here at The Hammer Source!
All Copper hammers at The Hammer Source are 

These copper hammers are cast-on tubular steel handles that are coated in a non-slip sanded paint. Made in the USA.

The Copper hammers at The Hammer Source are Copper Alloys, as are most metals with copper- like Brass, Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze NAB). The Hammer Source Copper hammers that are 1/2 to 5 pounds are Copper Alloy 836 which is 85% Copper, 5 % Tin, 5 % zinc and 5% lead, known as Red Brass. This alloy is more durable than pure copper yet softer than yellow brass and NAB.

Hammer Source hammers bigger than 5 lbs, those that are 6 to 24 lbs. are higher copper content- in the 96-98% range. Other metals are added to copper to facilitate the casting process.

NOT for use in flammable/volatile environments due to the steel handles.

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Product ID : 10CSH
10 lb. Copper Sledge Hammer, 30" steel handle.
Unit Price: $259.00USD
Product ID : 12CSH
12 lb. Copper sledge hammer, 30" steel handle
Unit Price: $279.00USD
Discontinued by Manufacturer 2-13-19, 1 left in stock.
Product ID : 15CSH
15 lb. Copper Sledge Hammer with 30" Tubular Steel Handle.
Unit Price: $429.00USD
Product ID : 1CSH
1 lb Copper hammer, 1 5/16" faces, with 10" tubular steel handle.
Unit Price: $37.99USD
Product ID : 2CSH
2 lb. Copper hammer, 1 1/4" faces, 13" tubular steel handle.
Unit Price: $54.99USD
Product ID : 4CSH
4 lb Copper Hammer, 1 3/4" faces with 15" tubular steel handle
Unit Price: $89.99USD
Product ID : 5CSH
5 lb Copper hammer, 15" tubular steel handle.
Unit Price: $129.00USD
Product ID : 8CSH
8 lb. Copper sledge hammer, 20" steel handle.
Unit Price: $159.00USD