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Copper Hammers

Buy Copper Hammers here, at The Hammer Source!

The Hammer Source carries a complete line of Copper Hammers and Copper Mallets. Copper Hammers range in size from 1/2 ounce to 20 lbs. 

Most hammer heads are cast and some are extruded. The extruded heads are typically a bit harder since the process compacts and aligns the copper grain. Their dimensions are a bit more precise as well. Our copper Hammers come with Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic or Steel handles and the shapes vary from cylindrical, barrel and square-shaped. Metal hardness comparisons can be seen here.

Generally, copper is considered to be non-sparking. However, The Hammer Source does not guarantee any hammer to be non-sparking. Hammers can pick up other materials during use and those materials, like iron or steel, can be imbedded in the copper and cause sparks. Soft metal hammers like Copper, Aluminum and Brass should be reground and dressed before each use in a volatile environment.

The Copper hammers at The Hammer Source are Copper Alloys, as are most metals with copper- like Brass, Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze NAB). The Hammer Source Copper hammers that are 1/2 to 5 pounds are Copper Alloy 836 which is 85% Copper, 5 % Tin, 5 % zinc and 5% lead, known as Red Brass. This alloy is more durable than pure copper yet softer than yellow brass and NAB.

Hammer Source hammers bigger than 5 lbs, those that are 6 to 24 lbs. are higher copper content- in the 96-98% range. Other metals are added to copper to facilitate the casting process.

In addition to solid head hammers, we also have solid iron heads with copper (and rawhide) faces. They can be found on our Soft Face Hammer category, click on this link:  Iron head hammer with copper faces

 Copper Hammers with wood handles, click here.
Copper Hammers with fiberglass handles, click here.
Copper Hammers with steel handles, click here.

Product ID : .5CF
10 oz Copper Hammer, 3/4" face, 12" Fiberglass handle
Unit Price: $19.99USD
Product ID : .5CW
1/2lb Copper hammer, 3/4" face, 11" wood handle
Unit Price: $34.99USD
Product is out of stock
Product ID : 04-310
Thor 04-310 Iron hammer with 1 1/4" copper faces, 2 lbs. 11" wood handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD