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Cross Pein Hammers

Cross Pein Hammers
Buy Cross Pein Hammers here at The Hammer Source!

On this page you will find hammers with a cross pein. A cross pein is a "blade" that is perpendicular to the handle. The cross pein can be sharp, rounded, flat, smooth or textured.

A cross pein hammer can be used in metal work, stone work, blacksmithing or woodworking.

A staight pein is parallel to the handle.

A diagonal pein is,... wait for it,... (diagonal) to the handle.

Product ID : 02932
Replacement handle for 24oz and 32oz Biocurve hammers
Unit Price: $19.99USD $17.99USD
Product ID : 13251
Warwwod 13251 6 lb Cross Pein Sledge, 32" Wood handle
Unit Price: $59.99USD
Product ID : 13255
6 lb Cross Pein Sledge, 32" Fiberglass handle.
Unit Price: $62.99USD
Product ID : 13261
Warwood 13261 8 lb. Cross Pein Sledge, 32" wood handle.
Unit Price: $79.99USD