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Dalluge 7182 (DDT16P) 16 oz. Titanium Hammer, smooth face, side nail puller, magnetic nail holder, 16" straight wood handle.

Price: $139.00USD
Product ID : 7182
Manufacturer: Dalluge Hammers
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Dalluge 7182 Titanium Framing Hammer-  SMOOTH FACE.

The lightweight 7182 DDT16, with its patented deep "V" head design, provides faster, greater power at point of impact with less stress and arm fatigue.

The DDT16 hammer features a patented titanium head with over strike guard and smooth face. It's exclusive Double "D" Trademark Magnetic Nail Holder has the ability to hold both standard and duplex nails and provides increased reach for one-handed nail starting, while the Sidewinder Trademark Nail Puller provides extra leverage for removing nails without ripping up forms.

For fast and easy tear downs and rip outs the Short Stack Trademark Claws on the DDT16 hammer are reinforced to provide increased strength for prying.

Heads made in China. Handles made in USA. Assembled in USA.

Replacement handle is Dalluge 3800.



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