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Solid Cast Polyurethane Dead Blow Hammers

Buy Dead Blow Hammers here at The Hammer Source.

Long life hot cast polyurethane Dead Blow hammers. These soft face hammers, as well as the sledge hammer, feature a steel core coated with hot cast polyurethane. Heads contain steel shot.

Soft-faced, Dead-Blow Hammers are made of a high-quality, hot-cast polyurethane that gives them outstanding elasticity. The custom-formulated material also gives the hammers a self-healing feature that makes them resistant to dents, abrasions and cuts for longer use.

The Dead Blow hammers on the page are made by Nupla (SF product ID) and Garland (40000 to 40006 product IDs). None of these hammers have replaceable faces.

Replaceable face dead blow hammers:

Click here for Halder steel dead blow hammers
Click here for Nupla solid cast dead blow hammers
Click here for Thor aluminum dead blow hammers
Click here for Trusty Cook dead blow hammers

Product ID : 40000
Garland 4000 11 oz. Cast Polyurethane Dead Blow Hammer, 1 1/4" diameter face.
Unit Price: $21.99USD
Product ID : 40001
Garland 40001 13 oz. Cast Polyurethane Dead-Blow Hammer, 1 1/4" x 3 1/8" head.
Unit Price: $28.99USD
Product ID : 40002
Garland 40002 21 oz (1.3lb) Cast Polyurethane Dead-Blow Hammer
Unit Price: $34.99USD
Product ID : 40003
Garland 26 oz (1.6lb) Cast Polyurethane Dead-Blow Hammer
Unit Price: $41.99USD
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