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Vaughan V4 19 oz. Finish hammer, solid steel, smooth face.

Vaughan V4 19 oz. Finish hammer, solid steel, smooth face.
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Price: $43.99USD
Product ID : V4
Manufacturer: Vaughan "V" Series Hammers
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Vaughan V4 19 oz. Finish hammer, solid steel, smooth face, curved claw, side nail puller, magnetic nail start, 14" handle with rubber grip (Douglas Pattern).

Vaughan's new patented design all solid steel hammer!*Features reinforced claws for prying, Double "D"™ Nail Holder capable of holding both standard AND duplex nails, Sidewinder™ nail puller, Exclusive high strength I-Beam handle design, Patented deep "V" head design reduces shock and vibration!

Isn't this a Douglas? Well, no. This is a solid steel hammer made by Vaughan.Vaughan has licensed the pattern from Douglas Tool.


This hammer being discontinued by Vaughan- 5 in stock as of 7-5-18.

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