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Glue Kits, Grips, Wedges

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Hey Andy,

I got everything as expected. I put the new grip on my 22oz Rocket and it slid on perfectly (I regrip my own golf clubs, so I have a little setup for it). At first it was weird, I’ve had that hammer for 20 years, I bought it when I was building pole barns in ’98. But now that it’s been on for a week or so, I love it. Feels great. Here are a few pics of the work I’m doing.

Thanks again,


Product ID : 02911
KA13 Black Replacement Rubber Grip for 13oz Rocket Hammers-BLACK
Unit Price: $11.99USD
Product ID : 0291180
KA13 TAN Replacement Rubber Grip for 13oz Rocket Hammers
Unit Price: $11.99USD
Product ID : BK-12
Nuplabond BK-12 two part slow set epoxy for small hammers. 12gm
Unit Price: $5.99USD
Product ID : BK-24
Nuplabond two part slow set epoxy for sledges. 24gm
Unit Price: $8.99USD
Product ID : RG61-7
Re-GRIP for large handles: Sledge hammers, Axes, large pipe wrench, post maul, wheelbarrows
Unit Price: $17.94USD $14.99USD
Product ID : Wedge 4/5#HB
Aluminum Wedge for wood replacement handle
Unit Price: $5.99USD