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Halder Supercraft Hammers

Buy Halder SuperCraft Dead Blow hammers and Replacement tips here at The Hammer Source!

Halder is German-based manufacturer of precision metal parts including machined metal parts for manufacturing and aviation. Halder has been in business since 1938, founded by engineer Erwin Halder to produce the patented Simplex soft-face mallet. Halder now produces a complete line of dead-blow mallets with replaceable faces.

Faces from 20mm (.78") to 80mm (3.14").
Hammers weigh from 245gm (9 oz.) to 3210gm (7 lb.)
SuperCraft Sledge hammers, 80mm and 100mm (3.94") from 9.7 to 22 lbs.

Check out these fine hammers with both metal and wood handles!
Product ID : H3366.025
Halder Supercraft 3366.025 Dead Blow hammer
Unit Price: $37.99USD $32.99USD
Product ID : H3366.030
Halder Supercraft 1 lb. Dead Blow Mallet, 1.2 inch diameter white nylon hard face, 13 inch tool length, wood handle.
Unit Price: $39.99USD $34.99USD