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JC Hammer

JC Hammer
Buy JC Hammer Roofing Hammers and Hatchets here at The Hammer Source!

Juan Carlos Fraga, has a background in roofing. Out of a need for a better way to perform such a labor intensive job, he designed and tested the first tool to hit the Florida market. A simple 16oz. hammer with a magnet implanted in the striking surface- simple but brilliant. This is a specialty hammer used to install the underlayment material over roof decking with code approved metal cap nails. JC Hammers have been proven to be so effective that 1 installer with a magnetic hammer can out perform 3 installers with traditional hammers, making these hammers a "must have" for roofing contractors and their installers. Mr. Fraga decided to share his idea with local roofing suppliers, thus JC Hammer Inc. was born.

JC Hammer Inc. now designs and manufactures their tools from scratch, owns 12 patents and has more in the works. Their tool line quality meets industry standards, are made to withstand contractor use, and provides a good value. The new design with the offset shaft addresses user discomfort by reducing hand vibration and keeps the installer’s hand away from the work surface. With the easy holder system, you can now grab the hammer, use it, and stow it without reaching for it. This is made possible because the JC Hammer is "standing by" head down/handle up (the hammer will not fall). You have to see it to believe it! At JC Hammer Inc. they believe this proven "easy access" system will change the construction industry and the use of hammers as we know it.  

So come on and check out our new line of JC Hammers and Hatchets!

Hammer ON!

Product ID : EW0028
JC Hammer 16 oz. all steel roofing hammer, smooth Magnetic face, straight claw.
Unit Price: $38.99USD
Product ID : EW0029
JC Hammer EW0029 Steel Framing hammer, 24 oz. head, milled face.
Unit Price: $28.99USD
Product ID : EW0032
JC Hammer EW0032 All Steel Double Head magnetic smooth face hammer, 16 oz. head.
Unit Price: $39.99USD
Product ID : EW0034
Double hook replacement blades for EW0057 Roofing hammer, set of 10 blades.
Unit Price: $9.99USD $7.99USD
Product ID : EW0035
10 piece combo straight and hook blades for JC Hammer EW0057 Roofing Hammer.
Unit Price: $9.99USD $7.99USD
Product ID : EW0045
JC Hammer Magnetic Roofing Hatchet, 16 oz. head, 2 inch blade.
Unit Price: $44.99USD
Product ID : EW0057
JC Hammer EW0057 Magnetic Roofing Hammer, built in utility knife.
Unit Price: $49.99USD
This hammer discontinued by JC Hammer 9-12-18. Not sure if it will be...
Product is out of stock