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Metalworking Hammers

Picard hammers are HERE!! Order now. If you order an item that is out of stock we will contact you.

Some of the hammers you see at The Hammer Source are from Joh. H. Picard in Germany. These hammers are the best you can buy. Made from top-quality steel and components, Picard hammers have been manufactured since 1857. The company is still owned by the Picard family after four generations. 

Picard hammers are the embodiment of top German quality and engineering known throughout the world. Any of our item numbers that begin with a “P” are Picard hammers. 

Blacksmith and Farriers hammers can also be found in our Blacksmithing category.

Product ID : 07201
Barco 07201 11 oz. Short Head Finishing or Bumping hammer
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : 07202
Barco 07202 16 oz Long Head finishing or Bumping hammer
Unit Price: $37.99USD
Product ID : 07203
Barco 12 oz Long Cross Pein Finishing hammer.
Unit Price: $34.99USD
Product ID : 07204
Barco 07204 12 oz Pointed Pick Finishing hammer
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : 07205
Barco 07205 12 oz Pecking and Finishing hammer
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : 15-Set Bossing
Garland Bossing Mallet Set - All three sizes of our hard yellow bossing mallets-
Unit Price: $126.97USD $109.00USD
Product ID : BLUR1
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Polished parabolic peens designed for raising and shaping.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : BLUR2
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Round and Square faces, wood handle.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : BLUR3
Big Blu Repousse Hammer, Elliptical Peins, wood handle.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : EC12
Nupla 12 oz. Engineer's Cross Pein, Fiberglass Handle
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : ES12
Nupla 12oz Engineers Straight Pein hammer, fiberglass handle.
Unit Price: $29.99USD
Product ID : MH-28
28 oz. Machinists Cross Pein, Fiberglass Handle.
Unit Price: $34.99USD $29.99USD
Product ID : P1002-0340
Picard Engineers Cross Pein Hammer 340 gm (12 oz.), wood handle.
Unit Price: $25.99USD
Product ID : P1002-0500
Picard Engineers Cross Pein Hammer, 500 gm (1.1 lbs.), wood handle.
Unit Price: $27.99USD