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Picard 1000gm Polishing Hammer, click for details

Picard 1000gm Polishing Hammer, click for details
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Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : P17001-1000
Manufacturer: Picard hammers
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Email anytime or call us if you have any questions. 42mm domed and 41mm crowned faces Call us if you need additional details.

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Product ID : 07205
Barco 12 oz Pecking and Finishing hammer, 1 3/8" round flat face, 2 1/2" pick rounded point. 13" Wood handle.
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Replacement handle: B0289800
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Picard 500gm (18oz) Bording Hammer, 27mmx5mm and 27mmx6mm faces. Wood handle
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Picard Bumping Hammer, 1000gm (2lb) with 33mm round face and 55mm rubber cap face, wood handle.
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Product is out of stock
Product ID : P2525002
Picard 500gm (18oz) Shrinking hammer with extra wide faces - 47mm round and 41mm square checked.
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Product ID : P16801-0300
Picard 300 gm Planishing hammer 24mm square face and 24mm round raised face
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Product ID : P17401-1000
Picard 1000gm (2lb) Embossing, click for details.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : P17001-0250
Picard 250gm Polishing Hammer, click for details
Unit Price: $28.99USD