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Halder Supercraft 2.2 lb. Dead Blow Mallet, 2 inch white nylon face, 14.5 inch tool length, wood handle.

Price: $54.99USD
Product ID : H3366.050
Manufacturer: Halder hammers
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Halder Supercraft Mallets, Made in Germany The housing is made from reinforced tubular steel and filled with steel shot for a satisfying non-rebound effect. Significant, double-weld over-strike protection at neck helps reduce handle breakage.
Made with durable hickory handles.
Heads are lathed from extruded rods of nylon (Polyamide 6, Natural, 65 Shore D +/- 5) with a press fit design.

Suggested uses: Automobile assembly and repair work, positioning of work pieces in the vice, tent and hall construction, car body work, repair and maintenance work, straightening work, housing assembly, assembly of sharp-edged work pieces, joining of work pieces, sheet-metal working.

Face diameter 50mm (1.96 inches), Head length 4 3/4 inches, Tool length 14 1/2 inches.

Replacement face is H3508.050

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