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Soft Steel Sledge Hammer

Buy Soft Steel Sledge Hammers at The Hammer Source!

Nupla Soft Steel sledges feature blue corrosion-resistant painted head and black poly-coated fiberglass handle. 

Use soft steel in place of steel sledge hammers. Soft Steel Sledge Hamemrs resist chipping and breaking and won't mar parts, equipment and tools like regular steel sledge hammers.

Use these hammers when striking hardenend steel parts. The soft steel absorbes impact unlike hard steel sledges. This sledge takes the pounding, not your parts and equipment.

SAFETY is the number one reason to use SOFT STEEL. 

Never Never Never use a steel hammer or sledge hammer to strike another steel object, part or tool. IT MIGHT EXPLODE AND KILL YOU!

Soft Steel-
Hardness of under 30 on Rockwell C scale, around 279 Brinell.

Hammer ON!! (but safely)

Product ID : BD-6-ESG
Nupla BD6ESG 6 lb. Soft Steel sledge hammer.
Unit Price: $49.99USD $32.42USD
1 in stock as of 5-29-19 Discontinued
Product ID : BDS-8-ESG-S
NUPLA BDS-8-ESG-S 8 lb. Ergo-Power Soft Safety Steel Sledge Hammer, 16" fiberglass poly-clad handle
Unit Price: $54.99USD $31.94USD
This item being discontinued. 1 in stock as of 9-25-18.