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This site DOES NOT show Out-of-Stock items. If you are in a hurry, LET ME KNOW by EMail at

I am not an Amazonian giant and your order will not mystically appear by drone tomorrow. 

Many items are made and assembled when ordered- Brass, Copper, Malleable Iron, Wood and others.

With 1500 items, I don't always have everything in stock. If out-of-stock, I will ship you what I have and contact you about shortages. I am usually able to ship out-of-stock items in about a week. 

If you have a question, E-Mail me at 

Your payment is captured and finalized ON SHIP DATE- Until then, your bank HOLDS THE AMOUNT OF THE SALE.

Every customer is important and I do my best to make sure you are satisfied.

Thanks and Hammer ON!

The Hammer Man