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Thor 20-1010 1 lb. Cast Aluminum dead blow hammer with 1 1/4" white nylon replaceable faces.

Price: $34.99USD
Product ID : 20-1010
Manufacturer: Thor
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Thor 20-1010 (Vaughan DB125) 1 lb. Cast Aluminum dead blow hammer with 1 1/4" white nylon replaceable faces.

  • Weight 550g (1.2 lbs)
  • Face diameter 32mm (1 1/4")
  • Length 10 3/4"
  • Fitted as standard with screw in White Nylon Faces.
  • Replacement White Nylon Face ref 76-710NF

A cavity inside the head is partially filled with steel shot which adds to the weight, prevents rebound and delivers 'dead' blows of maximum force.

  • Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand.
  • All faces are one piece moulded.
  • No metal pegs or inserts to damage the workpiece when worn.
  • Serrations in the metal head prevent faces coming loose during use.
  • Faces have a shoulder for extra strength and to prevent fracture from misdirected blows.

This hammer comes with two replaceable nylon tips (Thor 76-710NF, Vaughan 125HF). You can order these other tips of varying hardnesses.

Gray Soft Tip- Shore A 63-73 (similar to an eraser)
Red Medium Tip- Shore D 45-55 (similar to solid tires)
Brown Tough Tip- Shore D 58-62 (similar to golf balls)
White Hard Tip- Shore D 61-65 (Similar to a bowling ball)
Yellow Extra Hard- Rockwell R103 (similar to a hard hat)

     76-710VF       76-710PF     76-710TF        76-710NF        76-710AF

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