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Buy the new Vaughan VW18 and VW20 here, at The Hammer Source

Vaughan VW Douglas Pattern Hammers
Buy the new Vaughan VW18, VW20 and VW23 Douglas Pattern Framing Hammers here, at The Hammer Source!

VW18, VW20 and VW23 Milled face hammers are in stock. VW18P, VW20P Smooth face hammers are in stock!

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We have long been waiting the return of Douglas Pattern hammers and now they are back!
Product ID : 3800
Dalluge 3800 Straight Replacement handle for Dalluge Titanium 7180, 7182 and Vaughan VW hammers (Douglas Pattern).
Unit Price: $22.99USD
Dalluge handles will not fit the Old Douglas Hammers! They will fit the...
Product ID : VW18P
Vaughan VW18P 18 oz. SMOOTH Face Douglas Pattern hammer, 16" wood handle.
Unit Price: $73.99USD
Product ID : VW20
Vaughan VW20 Douglas Pattern 20 oz. Framing Hammer, MILLED face.
Unit Price: $79.99USD
Product ID : VW20P
Vaughan VW20P 20 oz. Douglas Pattern framing hammer, SMOOTH face.
Unit Price: $79.99USD