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Wood Replacement Handles

Buy Wood Replacement Handles here at The Hammer Source!


Handle orders must be placed on line. 
I do not take handle orders over the phone. 
If you have a handle question, SEND me an e-mail.

The Hammer Source has a wide variety of replacement of WOOD and FIBERGLASS handles. 

PLEASE read here before you call me for help. I am happy to help but I am going to ask if you read this first!

The manufacturer or brand of the hammer is not important. The handles can be used for many types of hammers. 

Wood Handles:

1. MEASURE THE EYE SIZE of you hammer- The long (major) and width (minor).  
2. Next determine its shape- round, rectangular, oval or teardrop. 
3. Choose the length.
4. Handle dimensions should almost equal eye size. You may need to file or sand a wood handle to fit. You can always make it smaller. YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT BIGGER!
5. Pound the handle through the eye.
6. Trim off any excess handle protruding through the eye.
7. Wood handles come with a wood wedge which is driven into the kerf first.
8. The steel wedge is driven in at a 30 degree angle to the head (about 2 o'clock).

NOTE- Axe handles will have the thin part of the eye towards the blade. Hammer hammers have the large, rounded end toward the head.

Round eye wood handles click here.
Oval eye wood handles click here.
Rectangular eye wood handles click here.
Tear drop (pear-shaped) wood handles click here.

If you don't see what you need send me an e-mail. 


Click here for Dalluge handles.
Click here for Garland handles.

Click here for Fiberglass Handles.

Here is a video from a customer on how to replace a wood handle (Thanks Mark):

Check out this great article and videos from Yoav Liberman of Popular Woodworking.


Product ID : 02932
Replacement handle for 24oz and 32oz Biocurve hammers
Unit Price: $19.99USD $17.99USD
Product ID : 2SH
Replacement handle for Thor #2 Split Head hammer SH150.
Unit Price: $9.99USD
Product ID : 3000
Dalluge 3000 17" Straight Handle.
Unit Price: $13.99USD
teardrop-shaped eye size of 1 1/2 inch by 5/8 inch.
Product ID : 3100
Dalluge 3100 19" Straight Hickory Replacement handle.
Unit Price: $13.99USD
Teardrop eye, 1 1/2" by 3/4" approx.
Product ID : 3250
Dalluge 3250 Curved Hickory Replacement Handle
Unit Price: $13.99USD
This will not work on a hatchet.
Product ID : 3400
12 1/2" Straight Hickory for 12 and 16oz Trim hammers
Unit Price: $11.99USD
This handle eye size is 1 3/8" by 1/2", teardrop shaped and will fit any tool...
Product ID : 3500
Dalluge 3500 18" Hickory Curved Replacement handle.
Unit Price: $15.99USD
Dalluge 3500 18" Hickory Curved Replacement handle for Dalluge Steel hammers....
Product ID : 3700
Dalluge 3700 18" straight replacement handle.
Unit Price: $14.99USD
Dalluge 3500 18" Hickory Curved Replacement handle for Dalluge Steel hammers,...
Product ID : 3750
Dalluge 3750 18" Curved Replacement Handle for all Dalluge Steel and Titanium Hammers
Unit Price: $15.99USD
Dalluge 3750 18" Curved Replacement Handle for all Dalluge Steel and Titanium...
Product ID : 3800
Dalluge 3800 Straight Replacement handle for Dalluge Titanium 7180, 7182 and Vaughan VW hammers (Douglas Pattern).
Unit Price: $24.99USD
Dalluge handles will not fit the Old Douglas Hammers! Dalluge 3800...
Product ID : 3SH
Vaughan Replacement handle for Thor #3 Split Head hammer SH175
Unit Price: $10.99USD
Product ID : 4SH
Replacement handle for Thor #4 Split Head hammer SH200
Unit Price: $12.99USD
Product ID : 51000
Garland 51000 Replacement handle 3/8" round eye.
Unit Price: $8.99USD
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