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Wood Mallets

The Hammer Source has rawhide, wood, plastic, rubber mallets and more. 

Wood mallet types include solid head, laminated compressed hardwood and extra large face laminated hardwood. 

Our solid Wood Mallets are USA made of hickory or maple and have hickory handles. 

Our attractive high-quality laminated compressed hardwood mallets are multi-ply, laminated compressed wood. Fitted with flushed-in Fiberglass hoops for extra safety, they are much tougher than our solid wood mallets. The solid wood handles are conical self-locking tapered handles. Made in the UK. 

The extra-large Laminated Wood Mallets feature sturdy fiberglass handles. The large laminated mallets come in 4", 6" and 8" diameters and are available in custom handle lengths. Made in the USA.

Product ID : 12002
Garland 14 oz. Solid Wood Mallet, 2 1/4" face diameter
Unit Price: $22.99USD $19.99USD
Product ID : 12004
Garland 22 oz. Solid Wood Mallet, 2 3/4" face diameter
Unit Price: $26.99USD $24.99USD
Product ID : 12005
Garland 27 oz. Solid Wood Mallet, 3 in. face diameter. 14".
Unit Price: $29.99USD $26.99USD
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